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Golden Phoenix Studio Albums



The Diary


Chaffinch in the snow

Sunsets to Phuket

Ants and the leaves

Honey and the bees

Super blond

The Fizz

The things that people say

Sea lions staring out to sea

Celestial lid

Excess Baggage

At Eve's Feet

Garden of Gorgons

Mistress of the Moon

Burning Angel

Fifth Season

Japanese Egg Timer

2009, spring-winter


Ribcage of a Pineapple Lambscape

2001, winter

Spiders in the Woods

Autopsy of a Butcher's Wife

Magnolia Faces

Hatching Eyes

Before you know it

Addicted to life

S&M Horsemen

Severn Singers

Nine Women

Death Of the Angels

Easter Island

First shot at a simplified approach to folk soundscapes and compost heap automatic song writing compared to surrealistic painting. These songs are the sounds of festering cities. The first spark came from an urban wall painting. Someone had used their own shit to write the word "laid" (ugly), that could be understood as "lait" (milk). It sums up the beauty of city life where the obvious ugliness of our dwellings needs spelling out, and the acute need to suckle from the milken market industrial breasts is both depressing and exciting, depending how willing you are to accept chaos.

The house of decay has a window onto the past and present. Through the kaleidoscope a patchwork of lost feelings reappear and blend into one another for the sake of a few more nonsense rhymes. At the time of the simplistic and elaborate recordings, the black mountains of England and Wales were in quarantine. Foot and mouth hysteria, like a prolepsis, announced in cattle burning smoke signs the evening skies to come. The mounds of sheep aflame were a fine starting point to chisel back to the lands of my youth to the south of Wales.

On the banks of the River Severn, I am a crab with two black eyes. A woman singer and her two kids were washed away one night after a performance at 'the Sunrise', where '¨Midsummer Level' (my father's band) had played the same night. I now sing her songs across the waves to crowds of friends for beer. I think I hear her songs quite clearly, now the towns where I once lived have slipped away. The owls and fears she met that night are mine to sieve over the sleeping thieves those evenings when they come to snatch a light you hand out to the strangers briefly, hoping all this time goes right. Ladybird, ladybird fly away home, you children are crying and the voice on the phone says your house is on fire, but the black round your eyes is for tuneless bonfires that have no disguise. No one was hurt, but then everyone says, no babies would be born, "no life without pain".

Darren Aronovsky's "requiem for a dream" was the soundtrack to the year 2000.

album FOLK surréaliste autoproduit acoustique (l’ère urbaine revisitée sous le parfum du bétail brûlant au crépuscule).


 2002, summer


Lend Me a Matchstick

Horseshoe Bend




 Autumn Stories

Bookshop Love

Enkindled Foxglove

The Ring

Ladybird Starfields

The Isle

Death to the Porcupine


White goose girl

Blue Angel

A range of brewing songs, reduced to an even more simple form. Some came from Llangarron, some from Lille. They were all sliced from a freshly fished carp, and dipped in gipsy blood. The instruments are made out of green tea and the bodies used to play them, bubblegum. Kim Ki Duk was the flavour in 2001.

From "Bedtime Stories": I was inventing cereals, Vincent shredded wheat. My ingredients were pigments, shade and light, heart melting landscapes with dandy toreros, switchable to male or female in a wink. These edible paintings were presented to a friend. This Elizabethanly dressed Magus gave a literary appreciation of every mouthful, yet, though he was doubtful, when each bite, crunch and gulp, created exquisite classical music like tapping on the keys ( the right ones ) of a piano, all he could do was surrender to the beauty of my bowl of blue wheat.

un album plus festif à l’affût du soleil des gitans et du goût du thé vert au sushi.

The evening fruit  & cars of darkness (Waterfull Lighthouse)

2002, winter

Under the Sun

Lady Blue

the Waterfull Lighthouse

Ashes Glass & Tar

The Raft

Submarine Carpenters

Shattered Stars

 Party of Qawali Fish

These are the keys to the evening fruit!

 Riding Stars

Under the Moon


December Ceremony

 Sub Aqua

Written with F.Mey, this dives into a muddy puddle, like a drunk and drowning Buckley coughing up leaves and fag ends, which spreads out to infinity as we slice through its milk-tea-coloured skin. At dawn, to leafless trees look out to sea from their sandy bay. As the sun rises behind them, their shadows gingerly hop out to sea. Two brave little souls of coal skip over the waves and flying fish greet them on their maiden voyage to the unknown. A raft appears, and on it they steer towards the salt flavoured tunes that the blue fields conceal. At noon, the sun washed us away from the living. Swallowed with grace by the mighty blue gob, the two buoys drowned deeper, and deeper to face the black cave of wisdom where lived a great ghost, and host for a wink (for the two were spat out of the sea's holy belly far too soon for their liking). Where are we welcome, back home a merm' mentioned. Dawn is approaching, so back they were blown, to the rocks they were thrown like Qawali gods crackling and white Catherine wheels foaming. We stole an old sardine can and drove to the towns where lights never go out. The trees' shadows are brushed down willow-the-wisp highways. The sun wavers goodbye and the flying fish die in a bundle of sparks. The shadows are shattered and stars are ridden until the grey curse on wheels hits the night's ditches. The moon has at midnight now eaten their souls. The two bloody shooters are fruit for the fawns that sleep in the forest and drink from our eyes. As hymns for the dead are sung gently to blend in with the red carpets gleaming, next to the steaming mobiles on their backs, the hunters lie beside sleeping creatures of love with revealing two litchi eyes weeping like buds, (rose buds at dawn are the thorns I shall die for).

Do we all drown after being spat out of the nine month cosy aqua-nest, and switch from foetal fish to little men in a blink?

(double album co-écrit avec F.Mey sur le thème de la découverte de soi à travers le voyage et la fuite).

The Constellation of Man

2003, spring

Equinox Hill

Bread & Wine

 The Ouija Tower

 Bakery on Bharal Street

 Islands in my mind

 The Black Season

Canary Moon above China Bay

Constellation of Man

 Uiko in a blue scarf

Black Sheep at Webster Fair 


the illusion being we believe we can outshine the Gods

Projet ambitieux aux chansons titanesques (à défaut de ne pas avoir de constellation à son effigie, l’être humain se démène pour tapisser la terre de lumière)

Drums by Arnaud Eurin

The Long Wall 1&2

2003, summer

Equinox Hill

Bread & Wine

 The Ouija Tower

 Bakery on Bharal Street

 Islands in my mind

 The Black Season

Canary Moon above China Bay

Constellation of Man

 Uiko in a blue scarf

Black Sheep at Webster Fair 



Under the Red Lantern

Red Sun

 Fountain of Asia

I wish I were

Kittikalikookoo 1

 Sacred Light

Little Red Suns

 The Gingseng Remedy

Black Spring 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Kittikalikookoo 2



Up to one hour long improvised songs, based on erratic fuzzed and phazered drum beats. Every pocket full of roses is a chinese or japanese westernized junkfood restaurant dustbin, like the "fountain of asia" where we used to get free meals. Out of the dump often grows a single snowdrop in the shape of tunes like "I wish I were" or "Little red suns".

(pot-pourri d’improvisations et d’innovations sous la forme d’un double album à la thématique asiatique).

Drums by Arnaud Eurin

When Money Was Love

2003/2004, winter

PHOTO by Yasmine

When money was love

The Mystery Of...

Hear the Logfire

 Love Will Tear Us Apart 1

 In My Life

Red Zone

Happy Prince

Mouth of Blood

Wish I were

Over the Wall

Little red suns 


Undoubtably the next "Ribcage of a Pineapple Lambscape" generation. A peaceful stroll through the battlefield, smiling to oneself as the bombs fall and the buildings collapse. This is like wading through the mud to the sea at low tide, miles out, the sun roasting your skull as you make one last effort that makes you think twice. A Severn singer song, to be sure! 


les compositions les plus vivaces et écorchées, accompagnées de quelques reprises (3 versions intenses de "LoveWillTearUsApart" de Joy Division, la fin imaginaire de "Room 109" de Tim Buckley, et "In My Life" des Beatles).

Chansons enregistrées en condition "LIVE", avec une technique particulière qui consiste à ne pas informer le batteur de ce qui va se passer. L'improvisation, bien que source d'imperfections, est aussi le moyen de se dépasser et d'innover.

Drums by Arnaud Eurin

Felt-Clock Tuesdays

 2004, spring

 To the Dullards


 Black & White Dishes

 Remember the day

 She bathes in my veins

 RedWood Blood

 Tuesday Felt-Clock

Felt Clock Tuedays #2


 I was lost without a song   



 The Happy Prince was born again.

Shadows of Greydale

2004, spring to autumn

 Off Herring's Rock

The Sunday Harvester

 You&I Pantomime

 To be Here with you

 Marylin, Salmon Surprise

 Nights of Almond

 Harvester #2 




A few tears while walking round an empty garden on a sunny grave day in Spring. Talked about flowers with a fine man who said he prefered to "frame them". That is all I have ever done Young man.

In memory of Guy Pierre Eloire

Snow In Summer One, Two, Three, Four

 2004, summer to winter

Goodbye, StVal's Host, Portrait of a girl, Tomoko's Royal milk tea, Blue & Green, Flora, Lumen Lullaby, Crystalline, Bluest Water, the Cobweb Slumber, Breath, Overhead Crow, Yukiko.


Rosemary, In our Hearts, Raspberry without, Silver, Fortunately Classic Love, Custard Bumble Bee, Chinese Lantern, A Fiery Inflow

Four albums, four seasons project with songs from the old 90's that had been festering at the bottom of piles of songbooks. "Rosemary" was one of James' first songs, and to be able to play this song in Tourcoing, at Le Grand Mix, where he used to live in 1996 was a special moment for him and old pal Tuna with whom he used to play with, yet never on stage, just two guitars and voices like J had dreamed.


2005, winter to summer

1. The Happy Prince (3:13)
2. Off Herring’s Rock (4:44)
3. To Be Here With You (4:25)
4. Remember the Day (4:33)
5. The Fly and The Locusts (5:09)
6-9. Jade Rain and Dragon Bones (11:58)
10. Two Dead Mandarin Ducks (2:53)
11. Golden Gate (5:59)
12. Lilies to Dust (5:51)
13. Heaven is Only Just (6:33)
14. Yukiko the Witch’s Plague (6:54)
15. Jujiya (5:39)
16-18. O’ My Prickly Love (12:36)
19. Tomoko's Royal Milk Tea (3:33)
20. Barbara Bear (2:56)

 Yukiko the Witch's awaited eponymous album, by far the finest, most complete and intriguing.

Song "Remember the Day" from "YTW" on PRESTO!'s Special Compil' Edition

L’album "YTW" aborde le thème de l'Asie, de manière plus ou moins personnelle, abstraite. L’écriture n'est pas exclusivement autobiographique, et tend vers d’autres domaines que nous exploitons, la peinture, et la sculpture. A l'instar de la peinture, le groupe aime tenter de retrouver la paix dans le chaos, de saisir toute sensation vécue et l'épingler sur la peau d'une toile ou d'une chanson. Une logique globale découle du patchwork, inspiré des décharges publiques où la beauté émane de la dégradation temporelle de ces amas de la société. En musique, et plus particulièrement dans ce dernier projet, cette idée est exprimée par la volonté de simplifier à la japonaise la structure des chansons et d'aller à l'essentiel.   


2005, Autumn-Winter


Between Brackets

On the News is Plum Coloured Bruises

Leopards on your Right

Lonesome Kid with Cattle and Bars

The Blood of Blister K

Lorelei the IIIrd

Heron Song

Milk-Toe Piano Falls

My own private Chinacide

The Bounty

Winterskin Fading

Watching the Magic Tree Grow

Vaselined Angel Spiders

Snowtrack II towns grow out of here

Most songs inspired by Audrey Hepburn enthusiast, Lorelei the mermaid, and a week spent by the river Tarn. Melody is in the air!

Mélodies remplacent la foudre, même si l'album plus "noir", "Yukiko the Witch", n'était pas dépourvu de mélodies catchy!


Yuki Onna

2006, Spring


Cup of Milk (kisses)

Scarlet Bible Down Milky Drains

Golden Bat Dawn II

Correlating the Deaths of Angel Parrot

Flesh is Free (Sping Snow II)

Fossil of a Banker

Sarah and the Red Dragons

The Argentry of Mrs Sleet

Fictional Phoenix Fights Back!!

Sharade Dancing to Sanjuro

Song of Lost Embers

Jewel in a Jungle

ClayZone by the River

Spanish Pink Cloud Monster Monkey

Recorded at Studio Ka, milky album still yet to be mixed.

Songs written before Japan Tour I,

and played live in JAPAN 2006.

Live In TOKYO 2006